Thursday, June 10

Girl's Camp- Project Secret Sister

Last Wednesday, at young women's, we made all the secret sister gifts for the girls for the whole week of camp and it was super fun! Thanks to all my virtual friends, it was easy to put together these ideas and to pull it off in one night. (BTW: Secret Sisters are something fun that creates unity and a bit of happiness in life and especially during camp. Each girl gets assigned another girl at camp. You know who you have, but not who has you. Then each day you give your sister a gift in secret. At the end of the week you find out you had you and you share who you had.)

At camp, we will be there from Tuesday to Friday and we have 5 girls going. In years past it has always been that the girls came up with their own, but this year we have a whole bunch of brand new beehives coming and they wanted to do it all together.

So this is what we decided to create:

Journals and pens: For the journals, I chose 4 images of animals (owl, flamingo, giraffe, and bear). Using Photoshop, I changed the images to black and white and then increased the contrast and brightness until it was just the black outline of the image and save them and printed them on colored card stock so that I could get 2 journals out of 1 sheet of letter sized paper. I cut them apart and fold them in half. for the paper on the inside, I did the same thing and used a hole punch to punch two holes in the top of the cover and pages and tide them with a ribbon. The girls did the punching and the tying and then stamped whatever words they wanted on the front. For the pens, we unscrewed the end and took it apart and cut a small piece of scrapbook paper, rolled it and put it in the pen tube, put it all back together and those were done.

Bracelets: For the bracelets, we used memory wire, which you can get at the bead section at any craft store or at wal-mart. Just curl one end of a piece (I cut the wire to get 3 out of 1 pkg.) of wire and string on your beads and curl the other end. And your done!

Flower Hair-bows: Flower hair pieces are hugely popular right now and I love them! We made ours by following this tutorial and sewed the flower to a hair band--I found hair bands at the Dollar Tree for 29/$1, plus they had all the flowers, too! Which makes this super cheap! Instead of hot gluing, we sewed the beads on to the petals.

Coconut Vanilla Brown Sugar Body Scrub: I have this book and I have used it many times. It has the recipe that I used for this. If you love cookie batter, you'll love the smell of this stuff! I made a double batch and put a couple tablespoons in baby food jars that I had been saving for this. I then made my own labels for them and we hade the girls use packing tape to put the labels on and make them sort of water proof. For the lid we punched out a 2in circle of matching scrapbook paper and hot glued it to the top then wrapped the edge with some ribbon and put a dot a glue at the back. I think they turned out super cute!

And now the girls have gifts for their secret sisters for another year! YEAH!


  1. Can I have the recipe for the body scrub?

    1. I'm in the process of moving right now and that book is packed...I'll be able to post it next week.

    2. Check out this post for a similar recipe:

      We used brown sugar instead of regular and then added a bit of vanilla extract...