Monday, June 7

It's a Good Day after all!

Today Randall and I went around shopping for the best deals on business attire.  And boy did we luck out!  For $11.50 Randall found 2, not 1 but 2, suits.  For about $60 I found 1 suit, 6 shirts, 2 blazers, a pair of slacks and a skirt.  So, I didn't luck out as much as Randall, but I did pretty good!

Before we went shopping I cut every ones hair.  I started out with all intention of just trimming Jenna's hair.  She and I go back and forth about it.  She wants a boy cut and I want her to look girly.  The last 2 years I've won because I've pulled the "I'm the momma and I say so" card.  But recently, Randall got me thinking about the way I was when I was younger.  I remember having long hair when I was about 7 maybe 8.  I begged my mom forever about cutting my own hair.  And then, she caved in and let me cut it to my shoulders.  And to be honest, it's been that length or shorter ever since.  Barring the once or twice it got down to mid chest level with I was in the throughs of pregnancy.  I thought about when I was in high school and I cut it so short.  I was really only about an inch and a half long.  I have proof, too!  All my senior pictures were taken when I had that do!  So, today, when she asked my if I'd give her a boy cut, I through caution to the wind and cut it all off.  And now, she's completely my daughter.  And the best part is that she's now wearing girly clothes!  Maybe I should have done it a long time ago!


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