Friday, February 27

The Power of Crafts

So, yeah. Yesterday while I was contracting and hoping that the baby would come already, Randall went to Wal-Mart and had the oil changed in the car. While he was killing time, he found this film on sale. It's called Dragon Hunters. I had never heard of it. But Randall thought that the kids would enjoy it so he bought it. This morning, I sat down and watched it with them. The hero of the movie knits. And there's a running plot of him finally being able to settle down and have a sheep farm for the wool once he has defeated the World Gobbler. But, guess how he defeats the dragon in the end… Go ahead, just guess…Okay, well he uses his knitting needles! The world is saved because hero learned how to knit from his mother. Wow! I always knew that there was power in string and two sticks.


When you're pregnant you get some pretty intense and very strange dreams. My dreams last night were strange, but in a good way. March 4 of last year, my grandma past away. But, last night she was living in my dreams. I dreamed I had the baby and when I went to the nursery to see her, but it turned out to be a boy and there was my grandma just loving every moment of holding him. It's comforting in a way to have that vision in my head. Grandma was too sick to visit when I had the other two and I was too poor to take them to see her. But, having the thought of her holding my baby somehow makes the pain I've been having seem more tolerable, like maybe on the other side of the veil she's giving Shiloh one last hug and kiss before sending her to me…

Thursday, February 26

P.S. I Love You...

Garlicky Oven Fries...oh, how happy you have made me! I tried these babies out yesterday and they were soooo yummy. Try em and I'll bet you'll be addicted too! But, beware that the garlic will make the whole house smell like these puppies for hours on end. I had to light a candle to get rid of the lingering garlic...

Wednesday, February 25

Potato Patato

So, the other day I had this terrible craving for potatoes. But, not just any potato recipe would do. I wanted to make Crash Hot Potatoes. You see, when I want to make something I have this blog that I always turn to for inspiration. I found it about two years ago when I completely changed my lifestyle to avoid being put on medication for the rest of my life. I had symptoms that pointed the doctor to Crohn's. They wanted to run a series of tests, tests that I couldn't afford, just to make sure that's what it was. So, being the ever resourceful person that I am, I did some research and studying and decided to completely change my diet and go raw. It was amazing the difference. I finally was able to feel normal. I finally was living without the pain, which had at points gotten so severe that I was limited to my bed for long periods of time. (Not exactly where you want to be as a mother with two very young and active children.) I started the change with a body cleanse and then went raw and then vegan with 80% raw and 20% cooked food.

Vegan Yum Yum saved me from a world of monotony. A world of wonder and culinary success opened up to me. The stellar pictures sucked me in and then the easy recipes hooked me as a devoted reader and recipe tester. Nearly everything she has posted in the last year I has made its way into my heart and kitchen at some point. So, when she posted The Pioneer Woman's recipe for Crash Hot Potatoes, I knew I needed to make them. And I knew it again the other day when I was buzzing around the grocery store in my motorized shopping cart picking up food for this week. I grabbed some small potatoes and giggled with delight at the yumminess awaiting me and my family.

But, when I got home, I realized that I have half a bag of Yukon gold potatoes that need using up be for they go bad. So, I went online and got the recipe for the potatoes and I clicked on the pioneer woman's link in the post and fell in love again. I love everything about her website, from photos to recipes and I found a link to another blog that has me hooked as well. Lottie and Doof, she had a recipe for Garlicky Oven Fries that has won my vote for what to do with those other potatoes before they rot. Crispity, crunch. That's what I'm craving…

Saturday, February 21

Tag- Pay it Forward

This is how it works:
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I know I will!

Breastfed: The Best Fed

I am a huge proponent for breastfeeding. I was able to give that gift to both my active, healthy kids; Ashton for 17 months and Jenna for 14 months. I came naturally and easily for me. It's a bonus that it helps to reduce my risk of breast cancer in the future, too! And, hey, why else would God put them on women's bodies if it wasn't to be used to further ensure that the generations to come would thrive right out of the gate? It is not for sex appeal as the media would have you believe, that I firmly believe. So, given my stance, I was most definitely planning on doing it again for Shiloh. When I had Jenna I weighted 50 lbs more than I do now and all of the nursing ware that I saved is now not an option, at least not an easy option. Okay, so I packed my hospital bags the other day… (We're down to five more weeks until the due date and I've never gone more than 36 weeks in a pregnancy) and I realized that I'm going to need some nursing bras and some shirts would be helpful too. I had Randall take me to Motherhood Maternity after my doctor's appointment on Wed. to get a few things. Two bras and three shirts later, I had dropped $100.00. I was reeling! The whole was home I kept thinking there had to be a cheaper way. I can sew something, I thought. I came home and googled. I found the best blog. Rostitchery. She has tutorials on how to convert regular patterns into nursing ones. Folks, this got my juices flowing! I couldn't sleep for all the ideas I had floating in my head that night. I printed out a several pages of info from her blog and the next morning I set to work making my own patterns for nursing tops. I cut out one shirt in some jersey fabric I had and then realized, I can't get to my sewing desk. I the midst of preparing for Shiloh to come, I had to reorganize my bed/craft/office room in order to fit the crib in there. Everything that still needs to find a home is in the middle of the room and all over my sewing table and desk. So, I've merely been thwarted, not defeated in my quest to maintain a somewhat fashionable and current modest look while I nourish my baby in the coming year.

Friday, February 20

A Narrow Escape

Today, I wanted to go show Debbie the newest ultrasound pictures. So, I got in the car and the kids came with me and I drove the fifty yards over there. But, on the way, I looked over and saw this black fluffy blob on the ground in the yard. I felt sick. We have a cat that looked suspiciously similar to that blob. And this wouldn't be the first time we've had a cat fall in the heat of battle. Add to that, the love that Ashton has for his cat Fluffy and it would have caused the Hun army to break down and sob at the sight! I didn't say anything. I didn't want to be the one to break it to him. The last time we had a cat die, Ashton found it in the front yard. He came running in and breathlessly sobbed, "Mommy, Airhead Thomas is being eaten by a ton of fire ants! We have to save him!" There was no saving him. He was dead long before he was found. We had a burial service for him in the backyard and Ashton cried and cried and went on for days about how much he loved that cat. The funny thing about it was it was Jenna's cat. All she said at the service was, "Bye, Airhead," and walked back into the house. So, knowing all this, I had to build up the nerve to say something to him because Fluffy is his cat. He came to our family at Christmas. It was his present from his Aunt Becca and everyday he spends hours petting and cuddling him. I've never seen a cat so patient! Ashton grabs him around the middle and smooshes his face in with a multitude of kisses and the whole time that cat is eating it up, purring like I've never heard a cat purr before.

At Debbie's, I called Randall and said, "I think we have a c-a-t that is d-e-a-d." Randall went out to look at it. Yep. Dead. Broken neck, covered in slobber. Dead. Okay. Well, I don't think we need any more cats since we apparently can't keep the neighbor's dog from killing them. Maybe we should move before we try to get another cat. Agreed. So, he sets to work burying the cat while I try to kill time so that the kids don't see it. So, after waiting awhile, we come back home. But, little did I know, it takes a long time to dig a hole to bury a cat in and he wasn't done, yet. So this dead cat is in the front yard and I went to the back to talk to Randall. The kids get out of the car and go straight out front. Debbie was up here and Ashton says to her, "What's that? It looks like Fluffy!" She tries to avoid the on slot tears, too and tells him it's nothing and to just leave it alone. Ashton then goes into the garage and starts looking for Fluffy, because that's where he lives and usually stays even with the door wide open. At that moment, Randall goes and gets the cat with the shovel and rather than quickly burying it, he walks over to the neighbor's dog, which is now in the yard and tries to get the dog to come to him to check her out to see if she was the murderer. Ashton comes out of the garage and says, "I can't find Fluffy! Where is he?" Randall throws the cat filled shovel into the bushes and tries to look all innocent. Then he looks at Ash and says, "Buddy, I've got some bad news…Fluffy is dead." Ashton completely falls apart. Randall picks him up and tries to console him, but there is no end to the tears. Everyone is gathered around trying to help lessen the blow when I hear "Meow". And I think that sounded like Fluffy! I look over and there he is, head peering around the corner looking at us like Dead? Who's Dead? What are you guys blubbering on about?

After further examination, it was actually a much bigger cat that we assume must have been feral because it was just covered in ticks. Although, it did look like it was the neighbor's dog that killed it. But, at least, Fluffy lives to fight another day.

Thursday, February 19


At dinner:

Jenna: "Mom, I love shrimp! What's it made out of?"

Me: "Shrimp"

Jenna: "Shrimp is made out of Shrimp?!?!?!"

Me: "Yes, honey. Shrimp is a kind of animal you find in the water."

Jenna: "EEEEWWWW! That's gross! And we're eating it?" and she shovels another bite in her mouth. "Is shrimp, lobster?"

Me: "No."

Jenna: "Oh, good. I like shrimp."

Ashton and Jenna are fascinated by the falling shows: Dirty Jobs, Will Work for Food, Survivor Man, Man vs. Wild, Food Detectives. Needless to say, there is always something interesting to hear and say in our little three ring circus each day.

What the…?

It seems kids will pick up things from anywhere and at any time. Jenna's new thing is saying, "What the…?" to everything. Sometimes it's almost comical and others it's wearing. Ashton and Jenna have both been stuck on a certain Chipmunk song that I've never even heard. Apparently, their uncle Chris has a tape that he listens to and they heard it and love it. So now it's all Randall and I can do to not go insane when we hear, "Hey, Alvin do you want a banana? All I want is a Japanese banana…." I'm sure that the lyrics are coming out somewhat altered from the original as only a 6 and 3 year old can.

To totally change the subject, have you seen Madagascar 2? Well, Jenna earned enough money by saving from birthdays and Christmas to buy it the other day. Needless to say, the kids were eager to do almost any chore for a solid week in order to earn enough tokens to watch that movie several times…REPEATEDLY. There is this one part in the movie where Gloria, the hippo, is dancing with her potential mate, Moto-Moto. She asks him what it is that he likes about her (typical female curiosity) and he says, "Girl, you so plumpy." I've had that stuck in my head just as bad as the kids and their chipmunk song. And now, that I'm in that final inning stretch before the birth of Shiloh, I'm feeling quite clumsy and voluminous. So, every time that Randall tells me that I look hot or pretty or beautiful, it's all I can do not to say, "Girl, you so plumpy."

Words have power…