Tuesday, June 1

Life and all that stuff...

I can't describe it. Lately I've seen how truly blessed I am and I can't describe how cool it is. As you know Randall and I decided to put all our eggs in one basket and start our own business. I have to tell you that I felt great when we first started, but now, I'm over the moon! The top leaders of our company say,"ACN is a self-improvement course with a compensation plan." And I for one have to second that! I have grown so much as a person since we started this business. We have made it our daily goal to follow the wise words of Darin Hardy, editor of Success Magazine, and be constantly focused on positive things. We've also turned our van into a rolling university. Every time we are in there, we are listening to presentations from some of the greatest minds of success. Because I'm always listening to positive things, I find myself thinking and saying positive things.

Through a series of unforeseen events and circumstances beyond our control, Randall is now home full-time. While at first it was a bit scary with him being unemployed and all, now I can't remember what it was like to not have him around. Now, we get to work full-time on our fortune and making our dreams into reality. I just can not believe how truly fortunate we are! God has blessed our family in huge, huge ways.

As a side note, I've got a tons of great ideas and fun things to share with you over the coming months also. Tomorrow night at Young Women's we'll be working on our secret sister gifts for Girl's Camp. Don't worry, I'll do a through post with pics and links on Thursday. I'm also putting together a baby shower for a friend of mine. She's having a boy in August. His name is Liam. And thanks to my handy sewing machine, he's going to be super studdly in some awesomely cute things I making for him. Again, all will be revealed in due time. Plus, I've recently been on an organizing rampage. I've gone through all my yarn and donated 3 large storage bags full of yarn. And I'm creating a wonderful space for me to actually feel inspired to create beautiful things; to include shelves, hooks, and a spiffed up sewing table. And last but certainly not least, a new blog design. I have much in the works grasshopper...we shall have much to learn...

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