Friday, March 26

It’s like a honeymoon only they call it dating…

Okay, so Randall and I have made it a goal of ours to make sure to spend extra time with the kids. Once Shiloh came into our lives, we quickly realized it was necessary to help them adjust to our growing family. So, once or twice a month, we have a day that is a daddy daughter day and mother son day. Yesterday was that day. We used to treat the kids to Sonic or McDonald’s but, let face it. It can get expensive and it’s totally unhealthy. SO, today Ashton and I planned to have a pick nick at the park and Randall and Jenna planned to go bike riding. I packed a lunch for us and we headed in town to the “big park by the church“. Well, poop, it started raining. We decided to park in the parking lot and eat our pick nick in the car. It’s always a barrel of fun to listen to Ashton talk about whatever comes to mind. Today was really fun!

Okay, we’re eating and he says, ‘Mom, I know what usually happens when boys and girls go on pick nicks.’ ‘Oh, yeah?’ I say. ‘Yeah. Usually they sit and the boy says, I love you. Then the girl says, I love you, too. And then as the sun sets, they kiss. It’s like they are on their honeymoon, only they call it dating. Dating is just the same as a honeymoon, but a date is short and the honeymoon lasts a long time.’

It’s so cute and innocent and funny to listen to what he thinks about love. By the way, he calls our outings our date night.

But, our conversation doesn’t end there. He told me all the memories he had of playing on all the equipment with different people. He has so many memories and it takes him quite a while to tell me all of them and then he says, “And that’s my life so far. Well, ya know when I was four.”

Ashton is a talker and he’s always got a story for every occasion. It makes life so fun to see these beautiful babies growing up and learning so many things. I feel so blessed!