Thursday, July 29

Ponder It

If money and time were no object, what would you do? Would you be an eternal tourist? Would you buy an island and move there? Would you take your kids to every single amusement park on the face of the planet? Would you pick a topic and study everything that you could possibly ever find on the subject? Would you give back in some way? I'm writing my goals and dreams for the future. I writing down what makes me happy and what I love to do. Did you know that I love music and dance? I didn't realize it about myself until the last few days... I was thinking about what I really enjoyed doing. I love to dance, although it's painful to watch me do it. So, it's now one of my goals to learn to dance and dance my way to a healthier me.

So, I want to challenge you to take some time today or tomorrow or sometime this week and ask yourself some questions. What is it that you truly love? What dreams do you have for the future? I'm starting to realize that so often I'm on auto pilot mode. And sometimes it's even just a fake-it-til-u-make-it situation. But now, I want to be more alive. I want to act in my environment and not be acted upon...


Saturday, July 24

Tee Shirt Refashion

I've finished all the shirts that I got from the put-n-take for Shiloh. But, my daughter has turned into an elusive nudist and I could only photograph 1 of the dresses on her. She's at that stage when she fully believes that running naked is the only way to go. I can't say that I blame her, if I could I'd be doing the same thing... The other day she pooped in her diaper and took it off sat on the floor and started playing in it and Randall caught her just before she got to lick it off her hands. AUGHHH! Any who, here she is in her new purple dress.
I'm totally digging the flower. It completely makes is sing for me! It's hard to get a non blurry picture of this child! I think I need to fiddle with the settings on my camera. I thought the picture of Ash and Shi was so cute I couldn't resist taking like fifty! Shiloh hero-worships Ashton (Ahhh in Shiloh speak) and Jenna (Ya-ya in Shiloh speak).


Tuesday, July 20

Just Call Me Frisco...

So, last night we decided to do a service project for FHE. We drove over to a friends house, had dinner and a lesson then all drove over and around completing our service. On the way, Randy was driving and paused at a stoplight and then pulled out in front of a cop. And yes, on the way to do a church service project, we got pulled over. The cop lectured us all about the imprtance of complete stops, checked Randy's license and then let us go without the $250 ticket for rolling through a stop in the state of Florida all because we mentioned church. See, you do get blessings when you're on the Lord's errand! And I'll always remember to come to a COMPLETE stop at lights and signs.


Wednesday, July 14

Too cool!

Every time that I've had a baby I've always held them I few minutes after birth and I am always amazed at how I could have created such an amazing little person. I'm literally speechless. Well, today I felt that feeling all over again when I finished another birthday cake for some of my Young Women. I put the finishing touches on it and every time I look at I think, "Wow! I can't believe I made that! It looks so completely cool!"
I saw this cake a little while ago and I thought, man that's awesome. I wish I had the talent to create that. I've been thinking about it ever since. I couldn't get it out of my mind. So, I decided to do a music/rock theme for two girls in yw that have birthdays a week apart. And this cake became my inspiration for my color scheme. I thought I would attempt the cake, but before I did, I read this whole series on making fabulous cakes. I used her recipe for fondant since every other time I used my recipe for butter cream fondant it was crap. And can I just say that I love the way it turned out; way easier to work with! So, after all that I jumped in. Monday I baked and froze the cakes and made the fondant. Tuesday I cut, filled, stacked and frosted the cakes. Today I put on the fondant and decorated the whole thing. Check it out! Jusst ignore the sink full of dishes that are about to spill on the floor in the background. Right after the photo shoot, I cleaned them all...


Sunday, July 11


There have been tons of posts lately of t-shirt remixes. Well, I was inspired by a recent put-n-take at church where I received several tween t-shirts, which Jenna would never wear, but Shiloh would be ages before fitting. And I had an Ah-ha moment and thought, ya know, Shi really could use some more dresses for church this summer. And then the cutest things were created. I've done two so far and I have two more to remix. But, so far I could only get one pic of her wearing any of them. What do you think?


Cow Apperication Day

Okay, I'm dong a little back blogging. July 9 is always Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A. That happened to be Friday. Every July 9, if you visit a Chick-Fil-A dressed as a cow, then you get a free meal, whatever you want, free. I love it! So, we dressed as cows. Can you believe it? Yes, I'm starting to really enjoy the whole embarrass your kids aspect of parenthood... And I love that our new business affords us the luxury of doing this in a Friday afternoon with our kids.

After this we went to the movies, sans cows, and saw Despicable Me in 3D. Which was really cute! All in all, life is a blast and I'm looking forward to more embarrassing photos like this in the future!


Saturday, July 3

Oh! Nature! Get it off me!

Okay. I just spent 4 days camping in the woods with a bunch of teenage girls. Not one, not ONE, bug bite, sting or crawling thing did I encounter while I was there. And the bugs were thinck as thieves, too! Many other people came out looking like they had chicken pox they had so many bites. But me? Not one! But today, home, rested, cleaned and repacked to start another trip, I must have had a giant target attatched to me! I got what we can only assume to be a scorpion sting. While I was loading the van with our bags, I felt the most intense searing pain in my foot. My whole foot is swollen now and the pain is still crazy. Now, I've got to come up with a creative shoe source for church tomorrow. Grannie slippers anyone? Maybe I can use this tutorial and create something fabulous in the face of this sour lemon...