Tuesday, June 1

Summer time...

Every Tuesday, the most wonderful lady does an awesome job doing the story time at the library in Freeport. After that we get together with our Homeschool group and go to the park with the kids for lunch and play. The kids have loved every minute of it. But, today was the last day of story time for the summer. My kids are definitely going to miss it. But, we have other things going on this summer. And we're still going to be getting together with our homeschooling buddies. Thanks Missy for a great time!

On the home front, I finally got a camera. It still can't touch the awesomeness of the previous one, but it takes pictures and they're decent and it's easy to use. I spent the day using it, getting to know all the features and how to get the thing to take pictures continuously. (which it doesn't actually do, by the way...) Any way here are some pictures from our day at the library and the park.

I used the photo ShaZAM technique I found here to make them look better than straight from the camera. What do you think?

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