Sunday, January 23

Operation Organize: Jewelry Hanger

I think Ashton is a better photographer than I am, but here's a quick shot at my new jewelry organizer on my bedroom wall looking so amazing that I can't take my eyes of it.

Here's a close up from the side:

For this project, I recycled everything from around the house. The frame is an old armoure door where the panels got busted out. The first thing I did is paint it with some black spray paint which I had on hand. I found the wire in the woods behind my house and scrubbed it with a wire brush and painted it too. I then cut the wire down to fit in the panels and used a staple gun to attach it to the frame. After that I added some fabric I had in my piles and stapled that in too. Then i had these coat hooks from a projected that I no longer needed and I screwed those to the frame at the corners and in the middle. Then to add a little fun I made some fabric roses and hot glued them to the frame in two opposite corners. Then I hung it up and filled it with all my jewelry that was tangled all together on my counter in a box in the bathroom.

I used the hooks for necklaces, I hung my earrings on the wire panel on the left and on the right I put my pins, bracelets and rings. Here's a few more close ups of what the wire panels look like:

The bracelets that don't unhook, I tied to the wire with ribbon I had left over from the cake I did for Nicole. And any earrings that didn't hook on to the wire, I added to a ribbon that I just pushed the stud trough and then put the backs on. ( it's the pink bow hanging in the first few pictures...)

At first I just had all my rings jammed on to one of the coat hooks, but I was afraid that they would all fall off, so, in the end I did spring for some s-hooks that I could hook on to the wire and then add my rings to them. To get enough I had to buy 3 packages of hooks and at $.99 each, I think $3 is a still for my new organizer turned art piece. What do you think?



In 2010, I started the "learning to make a fantastic cake" process. So, I used my girls at church as guinea pigs and did a cake that used a new technique for all of their birthdays. Through out the year I've made 6. So, earlier this month I made another testing out my skills and this it what I took to church for Nicole (which happens to be the name that I chose in French class).


Something New...

This is one of my favorite pictures of myself now. And guess what? Ashton took it! I can see a future filled with beauty that his talents create. Now, I did add a little Photoshop action to it, but he did a good job for me. By the way, this is my new favorite hairstyle. It takes me a long time to do it but I think it's so worth it. The more I do it though, I think I'll get quicker at it. But really, this post isn't totally about my hair, or my son the budding photographer. It's really about my need to show off my awesome new scarf. It's really a lace shawl that I turned so the point was in front and wrapped the ends back around the front then added a broach and wa-la! I love it.

It's this pattern, Haruni, made by a generous knitter, Emily Ross done in some of my favorite North Carolina Alpaca yarn that I usually get a skein of when I go to visit family. I love, love, l-o-v-e it!