Friday, November 20

Ash is Super!

I just finished a project with one of our new products! I super excited about it! It's our new swatch book. I'll be keeping this bad boy in my purse to show off whenever I can. And yes, I'm one of "those" mothers... Look!

Monday, November 2

Around the dinner table:

Jenna: Mom, could you pass me some cheese pizza?

Mom: Yeah...

Jenna: Oh! Yeah, give it to the big boss!
Ashton: -beat boxing in the background-

Jenna: give it to the big boss! give it to the big boss

Mom and Dad: -tearful laughter-

I'm thinking that we should start video taping our dinner conversations. They are truly one of a kind!

On saving...

From the moment I broke out on my own I have had a driving desire to save and be thrifty. And with our latest financial adjustments, it has only caused me to be this way in every aspect of my life. Case in point: When I was in college, I got my clothes for $0.25 each at the annual Women's Association yard sale on campus. Oh, and then the other day, we had used our coupons and gone out to eat while we were out in Destin. Randall didn't finish his lemonade, so I saved it. (but I forgot it in the car) The following day when we were out, Randall wanted to get a drink and I handed him the lemonade, not even thinking about it...He drank it and spat it everywhere and gave me a horrified look. So, see...the drive to be thrifty is becoming overwhelming!

So, I found this helps me to feel like the thrifty goddess that I am. You see, it's the latest thing. It's called The Grocery Game. The first time I played along, I saved $42.00. This week I saved.......$124.44! Yeah me! Now I've got a freezer and pantry full of food and I'm getting my food storage beefed up...Who knows, maybe next week I'll save even more...