Monday, June 27

Dear 2yr old Potty Training Genius,

You sure had me snowed!  I had thought that because you so vehemently despise diapers that you would be different than your brother and sister.  I thought that the poopy messes of the past would not revisit our home.  But, this evening when I saw you fussing over the poop smeared on your arms, hands, belly, legs and somehow between your toes, I knew I was living in a beautiful dream land with unicorns and ponies.  And that you had, at that moment, every intention of giving me a rude awakening.  I am totally mystified as to how you managed you drip poop from my bedroom to the living room and still have it all over you.  But, at least you did not smear it on me, my bed, the walls or either of your siblings, so maybe you are the genius still.

With Love,
Your Pooper Scooper aka Mom


Friday, June 17

In the Aftermath

My life has gone from total chaos, raining cats and dogs really, to a dull spitting pitter patter.  Since April, I planned and coordinated all the food for our entire stake for girl's camp.  I helped our little group of 7 girls get all geared up and ready to spend a week away from home.  All in the middle of birthdays, chores, work, and homeschool, ya know...the everyday stuff that has to be done to survive.

But, now with all cupcakes bakes, frosted and eaten.  All salads chopped, tossed and consumed.  All decorations put up, adored, and taken down.  Glitter shaken from my clothes after my rock star reception of appreciation at Girls Camp.  I took a week to re-cooperate and now...Now it's time for re-evaluation, reinvention and new beginnings.  After much prodding from a friend, and most anyone I gift anything to, I am embarking on a new project...
I'll give you all the details in the coming days and weeks, but for now, just know that  it's totally awesome.