Tuesday, June 22

Dance Baby Dance!!!

Anyone who knows Shiloh, or has spent any time with her, knows that she has a soul that is born from music. We recently were at a church activity where she ran out to the center of the room and just kept dancing to the music and didn't care that she was competing for floor space among many an adult. For weeks since then, we have heard multiple times that she was the life of the party. We have a wii. And for our wii, we have the game Just Dance. Which has become insanely fun in recent months as Shi has become more and more active. It's amazing to see a 15 month old have rhythm and timing with all her moves. And I mean moves. The others never had moves beyond a hip wiggle. But Shi really gets into it and every inch of her body moves to the music. Don't believe me? Just watch this... I was only able to get a few seconds before my camera was full and died, but it's enough....


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