Friday, April 1

It's a Birthday Extravaganza!

In the spirit of playing catch up...still, I needed to post a few more birthday details from the last month.
First was Shiloh's birthday.  She turned 2, but since we were going out of town and I had to do the food for Pre-Camp, we played it low key this year and just did a family party with some simple cupcakes in her favorite flavor, strawberry.  And since Ashton doesn't like very many fruity flavors, I made chocolate ones for him.

Next was mine, and since I turned 29 this year and I really wanted to celebrate, I decided to go all out and make myself an awesome cake and decorate my kitchen table too!  (It's still decorated!)  Here's so of the great photos that my sister took:

I did make the roses in this photo too.  And if you want to make them too, go here.  And if you're digging the roses on my cake as much as I am, then go here.

Wenesday was Randall's birthday and once again church called.  Luckily, as always, he's easy to please.  All he wanted was brownies.  And for dinner it was pot pie.  I can't tell you how much I love that man for all that he is, all that he wants to be, and for loving me in spite of me.  If you know me you would know that I can be intense and moody more often than not.  And sometimes I'm surprised he's still there when I wake up in the morning.