Wednesday, June 16


We took the kids to Ponce De Leon Springs yesterday. It was really fun. We meet some friends there and spent the afternoon, rain storm and all at the springs. Toward the end of the day, some of the kids there had found some crayfish and Ashton was beyond excited to tell me all about it. He said, "Mom, they have Crawtatters! They have Crawtatters! There's three big ones and a bunch of little ones! You need to see them! I'll even hold Shiloh so you can go see them! You've just got to see these crawtatters!" It made me laugh so hard! And it made me remember that when Ashton was about 1.5 years old, Randall was eating Craw-Tatters (they are spicy potatoe chips). Not thinking, he just handed one to Ash and he shoved it in his mouth and screamed for the longest time about it. I love my family.....

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