Tuesday, July 28

Diaper Bags...

I really believe that most of them are completely in adequate for me or any breastfeeding mother. Most of them look like a baby quilt. All of them have pockets for baby bottles. All of them are bulky and awkward if they are roomy enough to hold anything that you'll actually need in a day of running errands with a baby in tow. All in all, I've always been a bit disappointed in them. Especially if I am in a crowded space. I'm always worried I'm going to whack someone with it. So, all this discontent lead me on a search for the perfect bag. Something that didn't look like a diaper bag, had oodles of pockets for baby and me while still being sleek enough not to take out the whole east coast should I choose to turn around. Well, my friends, I found it. I've been hunting for 4 months now in every purse/bag department I've been near. And yesterday I found it at Cato while we were waiting for the doctor's office to reopen after lunch. It has 3 separate compartments each with it's own zippers and pockets. So, 1 for diapers and wipes in their new container (we'll talk more about this soon), 1 for a blanket, burp rags and gripe water, and then 1 for Mama- complete with cell phone and wallet pockets and a zipper for the keys. I'm loving it! I used it today to take the fam to story time at the library and then to run a few more errands around town. For once I didn't hold my breath while I picked up my bag and turned around a few times to make sure we had everything before we left. But, to top it off, I found some yummy colored purple vinyl to myself a Poopy Clutch. Take a look!

I found the vinyl at Walmart for $3.77/yd. And one yard looks like I'll be able to squeeze out 6 of these clutches. So, guess what is going to be on my baby gifting list from now on? And since it's the no-sew version it only took me about 5 minutes to make. I did make a change from the directions though. I used a large snap for the closure instead of the button she uses.

Randall thinks it's a bit unnecessary but I adore it. Go on now, you know you want to make one...

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