Friday, July 3

Chaos... my mantra. At least I feel like it should be since it seems that is the state of things here, continually!

Last Friday Randall hit a deer coming home from work in the wee hours of the morning. It bashed in the driver's side headlight and dented the bumper only to swing around and bash in the driver door. Randall was fine, except that I don't think I've seen him that mad in a long time! So part of this week we've spent talking to our insurance, the repair shop and blowing a ton of money driving around Bud's truck in order to have our new van back to us in it's perfect condition once again. I'm waiting now for the call to go and pick her up this morning...Pray its done before Randall goes to work today!

On the home front, I've recently fallen in love with my sewing machine...I'm making things for Jenna and Shiloh and other babies yet to be born to friends and family. My mind is about bursting with ideas for gifts and useful things for my own babies. I put my green shawl on hold because Jenna requested that I make friendship bracelets for her and her two best friends, Hannah and Lorilie. I've knitted them and all that's left to do is to put on the buttons. While I was making those, Ashton asked for one with dragons on it. And me being the ever-pleasing person that I am for my children, searched around Ravelry until I found a pattern that would work. And, now Jenna wants matching purses for her and her friends to share. I'm happy to accomidate because this is probably the last few months she'll be able to see them. They are both a year older than her and are starting kindergarten this fall, so getting together is going to be much more limited...

I've also started knitting a baby blanket for a dear friend who is going to have a little girl in just 36 days. And I'm planning and getting ready to cast on for a baby blanket for my brother who's wife having their first boy. They already have 3 girls, so I'm thinking that this little boy needs to have a boost of testosterone with a boy colored blankey. since Josh and Leslie are into celtic life and design, I'm using a celtic knot pattern for the blanket. Hopefully it will come out nice, we'll see. Maybe I'll have photos of all my progress in a few days...(I'm still going to have to borrow a camera...)

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  1. Wow! Celtic knots are so beautiful... enjoy all your projects!!! :-)