Friday, July 24

Life is good...

Because I have a new camera! It came in the mail yesterday evening. So, I've been able to take pics again and right out of the gate I got a great one of Shiloh. She's getting her own look about her now. At first I totally thought she looked like Ashton, but then when she smiles she looked like Jenna. Now, she looks like Shiloh.

But on other fronts. While Randall is gone to work, I try to make the time fun for the kids. Last night we made Butter Beer. ( When you click on that link, be sure to look around, she's got three or four recipes plus links to where you can find other Harry Potter treats.) And if your a Harry Potter fan you know all the kinds of fun this entails. The kids loved it and asked for more. And who could blame them it's super tasty! Heather Bailey is sure to impress you with all her craftiness and beautiful pics. I love her blog! One day I'd love to be as crafty as her...

Here are the pics of our Butter Beer fun.

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