Wednesday, June 24

Well, our camera is looking more like we need to just buy a new one. Easier said than done, of course! If it were working, I'd have pictures for you of my lovely swiffer pads that work so wonderfully. I'd also have pics of my latest project. I started a new shawl. This morning when I added my project to Ravelry, I found out that this will make the 25th project I've posted. And I think that at least half of them are unfinished...oops! Well, in my defense, I find it hard to knit wool in the middle of a Fl summer! Any way, my new's almost done and it's going really fast. I started it on Monday and I just have to more pattern repeats and an edging to complete and then I'll block it and barrow a camera to take pictures of it.

Lately, Shiloh has been doing the craziest thing! She's just three months old and she will already answer simple yes or no questions by shaking or nodding her head. I'll have to take a video of it for you! It's the darnedest thing! Do you think that kids who have older siblings grasp things more quickly? Jenna was an early talker because, I think, Ashton was already talking and running around pedal to the metal when she was born. It's always amazing to watch what unfolds here each day...

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  1. Totally! From what I've observed in other families, "later" kiddos do pick things up more quickly. I think it's a combination of more examples, and more *relatable* (i.e.: kid-size) examples... very cool! Can't wait to see the video! :-)