Thursday, March 12

What a wonderful world....

Oh, yeeaahhh! Isn't it amazing how God created our bodies? The fact that I can create and grow this perfect little person who has this incredible body that can do some pretty interesting things, has me standing in awe. How awesome is it that He chose me to give that divine gift to and then to send to me three of the most terrific children that I have ever known. It's definitely a wonderful world!

Shiloh is now one whole day old. I've learned much about her in that time.

1. She is much different than the other two, not that they are much alike either.
2. She is very laid back, much like her daddy.
3. She needs to be swaddled to enjoy life. If she's not, life isn't enjoyable for you either.
4. She is a champion eater. A gold-medalist, I'd say.
5. She's not big on hats. She'll wear them, not that she's got much choice, but she's happier with a bare head.
6. She likes to have something in her mouth always. It's kind of a pain that the hospital only has one type of pacifier and it's a bit big for her and so she doesn't like it much.

When Ashton and Jenna say her yesterday, they fell in love with their little sister. I think it's going to be interesting when we go home tomorrow, to see just how we are going to handle mommy time boundaries though. Jenna wanted to be sitting on my lap holding the baby for most of the time. I just don't think that's going to work very well when it's time to nurse the baby. The first thing she said when she saw her was the she was sooo sooofftt. And Ashton, ever the boy, held her for a little while and gave her a kiss then he was on to figuring out how everything else in the room worked.

So, night one is down and we did good. We're both alive and rested and I've got a plan for tonight to make it even better.

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