Wednesday, March 11

And now, in the center ring, Shiloh Eden Curtis!

Last night, at 1:08 am, our lives were blessed by the arrival of our newborn baby girl, Shiloh Eden Curtis. We had arrived at the hospital only two hours and fifteen minutes earlier. Megan had some heavy bleeding around 9:30 so we bundled the kids off to Grammy's house and took to the road.

When Megan finally got hooked up to the machines she was already 6 cm dilated and having heavy contractions every minute. The doctor actually had to give her a shot to slow the contractions down! Did I ever mention my wife has the firmest handshake in the world when she's in labor?

Megan got an epidural but then had the baby almost immediately afterword. The anesthetic didn't work this time and only succeeded in numbing her legs not any areas that were in pain.

Our child is very beautiful now that she is all cleaned up. She is healthy and resting with mom now. She has a whole new wardrobe knitted for her by my wife and is the most stylish baby. We have been taking pictures and video of her, one of which I will post now.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is wonderful! :-) Hope everyone rests up and recovers smoothly and quickly! :-) *hugs* around!

  2. Congratulations! She's lovely! :)

  3. Congratulations you guys - Shiloh is beautiful. I"m so glad that Cheryl finally figured out how to share pictures with us, and I got the link to check out your blog spot here. Enjoyable reading too, thanks. Hope Mom (and Dad) get plenty of sleep. Probably not at the same time though.
    take care, Judy