Wednesday, March 18

1 six year old boy + 1 three year old girl =

Chaos. At least it seems that way lately. Since the baby and I have been home, it seems that the kids have found a new vigor in life.

Last night, we had the missionaries over for dinner. As we were socializing after, the kids were playing quietly in the living room. How quiet they were should have gotten my mommy senses tingling, but I guess I'm really just worn out these days. Any who. They were in the living room behind the giant blue recliner with....(wait for it)....a pair of scissors.

Ashton, very pleased with himself, came over to show off his new hair do. It looked like he got in a fight with a weed eater and it won. Huge chunks were whacked off into an oblivion. Upon seeing him, my gut reaction was to get out the straight razor, cuz that's how short it was. Bald came to mind, too. Jenna also had to show off her handy work. Luckily, she didn't get as crazy, but she shed six inches in random spots all over.

Now this was not the first time this happened. Ashton did this very same thing about two years ago. But, at the time he really butchered his sister's hair and it went super short. So, after a good scolding from Dad and lots of tears from Ashton- thinking that he'd be bald, we were able to creatively fix the duo and this is what we have:

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  1. Very awesome haircuts! I'm just glad it wasn't worse. Besides, with the warm weather, you wants lots of hair anyway?!