Saturday, March 14

I’m sooo over it!

I'm over living with a man who is losing his grip on reality! That's the only reason the man is still alive. If I have to hear about how fat I am one more time, I might not be able to hold back the surge of hormones! The man might just end up with a broken nose.

Okay, I couldn't really hit an 86 year old man, but ooooohh I hate being told that I'm fat. Mister, you have a baby and see if you don't get a tummy! What I really could use is my own house, which is one more reason why I love my hubby. He's working so hard studying for a new career, so that we can afford to work our dreams into reality. There are many times that he says he wishes that we could have started our "life" already. But, in my opinion, God has a plan for us here. We've been here helping for six years now, and in light of recent unforeseen events who knows when things will actually pan out. But, school will be done in a few short months and the Lord will place us where He needs us.

Wow. I think I'm hormonal. I'm all over the board today.

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