Friday, February 27


When you're pregnant you get some pretty intense and very strange dreams. My dreams last night were strange, but in a good way. March 4 of last year, my grandma past away. But, last night she was living in my dreams. I dreamed I had the baby and when I went to the nursery to see her, but it turned out to be a boy and there was my grandma just loving every moment of holding him. It's comforting in a way to have that vision in my head. Grandma was too sick to visit when I had the other two and I was too poor to take them to see her. But, having the thought of her holding my baby somehow makes the pain I've been having seem more tolerable, like maybe on the other side of the veil she's giving Shiloh one last hug and kiss before sending her to me…

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  1. Megan - how wonderful that you chose to share this dream. I am certain that you're right about Grandma holding and caring for, and then sending off your new little ones. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking of it - but happy tears!

    Best of Luck in the short(!) range, now!

    Aunt T