Friday, February 27

The Power of Crafts

So, yeah. Yesterday while I was contracting and hoping that the baby would come already, Randall went to Wal-Mart and had the oil changed in the car. While he was killing time, he found this film on sale. It's called Dragon Hunters. I had never heard of it. But Randall thought that the kids would enjoy it so he bought it. This morning, I sat down and watched it with them. The hero of the movie knits. And there's a running plot of him finally being able to settle down and have a sheep farm for the wool once he has defeated the World Gobbler. But, guess how he defeats the dragon in the end… Go ahead, just guess…Okay, well he uses his knitting needles! The world is saved because hero learned how to knit from his mother. Wow! I always knew that there was power in string and two sticks.

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