Saturday, February 21

Breastfed: The Best Fed

I am a huge proponent for breastfeeding. I was able to give that gift to both my active, healthy kids; Ashton for 17 months and Jenna for 14 months. I came naturally and easily for me. It's a bonus that it helps to reduce my risk of breast cancer in the future, too! And, hey, why else would God put them on women's bodies if it wasn't to be used to further ensure that the generations to come would thrive right out of the gate? It is not for sex appeal as the media would have you believe, that I firmly believe. So, given my stance, I was most definitely planning on doing it again for Shiloh. When I had Jenna I weighted 50 lbs more than I do now and all of the nursing ware that I saved is now not an option, at least not an easy option. Okay, so I packed my hospital bags the other day… (We're down to five more weeks until the due date and I've never gone more than 36 weeks in a pregnancy) and I realized that I'm going to need some nursing bras and some shirts would be helpful too. I had Randall take me to Motherhood Maternity after my doctor's appointment on Wed. to get a few things. Two bras and three shirts later, I had dropped $100.00. I was reeling! The whole was home I kept thinking there had to be a cheaper way. I can sew something, I thought. I came home and googled. I found the best blog. Rostitchery. She has tutorials on how to convert regular patterns into nursing ones. Folks, this got my juices flowing! I couldn't sleep for all the ideas I had floating in my head that night. I printed out a several pages of info from her blog and the next morning I set to work making my own patterns for nursing tops. I cut out one shirt in some jersey fabric I had and then realized, I can't get to my sewing desk. I the midst of preparing for Shiloh to come, I had to reorganize my bed/craft/office room in order to fit the crib in there. Everything that still needs to find a home is in the middle of the room and all over my sewing table and desk. So, I've merely been thwarted, not defeated in my quest to maintain a somewhat fashionable and current modest look while I nourish my baby in the coming year.

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  1. I love Rostitchery too!!! Rowena, the blog's author is listmom to a great sewing list for nursing mothers called NMSL (nursing mom's sewing list).

    By the way I found your blog via Ravelry because I loved your Baby Genius burp cloths so much! What great colors!

    We have recently headed in the same direction as you in regards to diet due to health issues. Thanks for posting about Vegan Yum Yum. Can't wait to explore it!

    Good luck with the baby :-) We are expecting #5 in April. I love having a baby in the house!

    Christine (cmcourt on Ravelry)