Sunday, August 15

Family Food

Okay, so I've been really lame in the "staying on a food budget" category for awhile now. But in an effort to change my ways and have more money than month, I put together a weekly menu board for my fridge. See? I think it's prettiness will increase the likelihood that I'll actually use it...

So, I just printed it and I'm going to slip it into a sheet protector and then tape it on the fridge and then it will be easy to write on with dry erase markers. I'll fill in what I'm going to cook this week and then next week it will be easy to change (because I need change and variety in my life...). I'm also hoping that it will ease the "What's for dinner mom?(honey?)" question every night, too.

P.S.- You're free to download and use it, too! Happy cooking!



  1. I have totally gotten out of the habit of doing this! I go to the grocery store and still spend the same amount of money but I don't have anything to eat! LOL It really helps, especially with the budget too. Sometimes I want to be lazy and not cook what is on the menu, but in the end, I am glad because I know I am saving $$. Thanks for sharing the download!