Thursday, August 12

That's intrinsting...

Ashton has this quirk. He likes to ask me questions, but then frequently will answer them before I get the chance to do it. Today, I was in the kitchen and feeling kinda sluggish when he started pummeling me with all kinds of questions. He asked me about what I was making and my mouth opened and all that came out was a mumbled grunt. He then answered his own question using his classic, "you mean..." and then he says, "Mom, I just took the words out of your lips!" (BTW: intrinsting is how he pronounces interesting) I love that boy! He can always brighten my day which I totally needed.

Jenna is 4 years older than Shiloh. So, I had completely gotten out of the habit of living with a toddler and I think Shiloh knows it! Today, she climbed on the dinning table, where Ashton was painting glow-in-the-dark fangs on his latest sock creature. She grabbed the little fella and stuffs him face first in her mouth, freshly painted fangs and all. She spit him out and threw him down and bawls and spits and coughs and chokes. I run. I get her cleaned up and give her some love and send her on her way. I turn my attention to the sock creature. While I perform surgery to repair the fangs....SHILOH runs into the living room and standing on tip toes, reaches up and gets the acrylic paint that I had just poured out to paint my latest art piece. Grabs the brush dips it in the cobalt blue paint and begins painting the front of the fireplace! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!?

I'm glad Randall came home a few minutes ago. I need some sort of distraction...some adult conversation.


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