Monday, August 16

Brownie Points

So, today has been a very successful day! I went shopping and got a weeks worth of groceries and got a good deal on hamburger meat. Came home and put up everything--including making the ground beef into 33 patties! So, I was feeling like I earned super brownie points today. While I was in the kitchen, I asked Ashton to take some cream cheese down to Debbie's house. It was taking him awhile and just as I was going to check out the door, he came back. He looked absolutely beat. (I can't blame him...I can't stand the heat, especially while running) So, he comes in and says, "Hey mom, I ran around Grammy's house and I tried all the windows and doors and nobody is home and I couldn't reach the spare key, so I just left it sitting on her porch." To which I say, "Ashton your so awesome for doing that for me, but we can't leave it out there in the heat, could you go back and get it?" So, he jumps up and runs down there and brings it back to me. He flops in the chair like he was just worn slap out. Then sits up and says, "So, what do I get for it?" "You get brownie points!"
So, then he wanted to know what brownie points were and I explained it to him and then followed a battery of questions in which he wanted to know what he could trade his brownie points for. Today, I let him trade them for a handful of toffee bits. But, then of course it was how many he had and then how could Jenna earn brownie points. (At that point I got her to do a load of laundry....) But, the whole thing got me thinking... I could really use this to teach them responsibility and initiative. So, I made another chart for the fridge:

On each of theirs, I put their name on it in the center and I made it transparent, but this one I just left blank so you could personalize it for your young-uns. And I'm going to put them in sheet protectors. I was thinking that I could track each of their points for the day and the week. Then, they could be turned in for something personal, ie: time with mom/dad, special reading time, and extra board game...

P.S.- You can download this one, too!


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  1. This is a great idea! I was looking for Secret Sister party ideas and your blog popped up so I hit home and I've enjoyed reading! I love the "Brownie Point" idea...great job Mom!!!