Saturday, July 3

Oh! Nature! Get it off me!

Okay. I just spent 4 days camping in the woods with a bunch of teenage girls. Not one, not ONE, bug bite, sting or crawling thing did I encounter while I was there. And the bugs were thinck as thieves, too! Many other people came out looking like they had chicken pox they had so many bites. But me? Not one! But today, home, rested, cleaned and repacked to start another trip, I must have had a giant target attatched to me! I got what we can only assume to be a scorpion sting. While I was loading the van with our bags, I felt the most intense searing pain in my foot. My whole foot is swollen now and the pain is still crazy. Now, I've got to come up with a creative shoe source for church tomorrow. Grannie slippers anyone? Maybe I can use this tutorial and create something fabulous in the face of this sour lemon...


1 comment:

  1. Poor Megan! But those slippers are super cute and look super comfy too.