Saturday, July 24

Tee Shirt Refashion

I've finished all the shirts that I got from the put-n-take for Shiloh. But, my daughter has turned into an elusive nudist and I could only photograph 1 of the dresses on her. She's at that stage when she fully believes that running naked is the only way to go. I can't say that I blame her, if I could I'd be doing the same thing... The other day she pooped in her diaper and took it off sat on the floor and started playing in it and Randall caught her just before she got to lick it off her hands. AUGHHH! Any who, here she is in her new purple dress.
I'm totally digging the flower. It completely makes is sing for me! It's hard to get a non blurry picture of this child! I think I need to fiddle with the settings on my camera. I thought the picture of Ash and Shi was so cute I couldn't resist taking like fifty! Shiloh hero-worships Ashton (Ahhh in Shiloh speak) and Jenna (Ya-ya in Shiloh speak).


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