Tuesday, January 19


Shiloh has a new thing that she does. Whenever you say smile, she does this:

She's super cute about it. And I think it's totally funny that she does it on command! She also loves to laugh when anyone else does, too! She's a source of a lot of laughter and happiness in our home...

I finished the invitations for New Beginnings. I mentioned before that we are holding ours on Valentines with the theme Fearless Heart. I'm super excited about and I took a picture of the invites. The photo I created in Photoshop and then I pasted it on scrapbook paper. On the back I added the info for the night. Here's what it looks like:

The word art over the silhouette says, "Fearless Heart: Be Strong and of a Good Courage"

I just love it and I'm going to frame mine and put it on my fridge so I can see it everyday.

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