Thursday, January 28

I'm a TOM BOY!

For awhile now Jenna has insisted that she was much more boyish than girlish. There was never a point were she has deviated from that position either. In fact, she got for Christmas from Santa a pink bike with flowers on it and in her own words she said, "I really wanted a boy bike with flames. Doesn't Santa know I'm a TOM BOY?!? I guess next year I'll have to write that in my note, too..."

I must admit, having a girl that would rather be a boy is somewhat disconcerting. I had all these hopes of doing all sorts of little girl things with Jenna when she was born. Ya know, dollies and dress up and doing fun things with her hair. All that is a big fat no on the Jenna meter. But, this week there have been glimpes of hope in all this masculinity. Tuesday she decidided that we're going to plant a butterfly garden so see can look at all the pretty butterflies. She had me read Fancy Nancy: Bonjour Butterfly, which is completely girly. Ashton wouldn't even look at the pages...And last but not least, she made beads with me in the kitchen using some instructions we found on Martha Stewart's website. Granted her's were acid green, but at least she made them and had fun doing it to boot! This weekend we're going to make Valentines to hand out to all their friends and family plus mail a few. I may just be rubbing off on her what do you think?

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