Sunday, June 7


I've mentioned before that I was searching for ways to deal with and overcome my postpartum depression. Well, I've finally found relief...

I have tried to do all the things that helped when I had it with Jenna. I went outside in the sun, I created things (baking and knitting), and I dreamed. All of them helped a little, but nothing completely took it away. Through it all I did continue to ask my Heavenly Father for help and to search for the answer. I've always known that the various programs that He had established in the church were for a reason. I gained my own testimony of the divinity of my Savior, Jesus Christ when I was a young woman at girl's camp. I gained knowledge of ways to care for my own family as I served in Relief Society. But, there was always one program that I struggled with all these years. That, my friends, was visiting teaching.

When I was studying and preparing my lesson for church, I found a link to this blog. And I found an answer to my prayers. I felt inspired that I needed to really do my visit teaching. I have a list with 6 sisters on it. I called and set up appointments to visit with each of them. I studied the lesson and made a handout. I got out some homemade apple butter to give to them as well. I took the baby and in the pouring rain mind you, visited with these wonderful ladies. And the Spirit was at each home. As I left the last appointment, I could not believe the warm relief that had returned to me. I no longer feel the cold lonely darkness of depression any more. I can truly tell you that I now have a testimony of the purpose of visit teaching. While we each can help to lift another, we can also heal our own hearts.

PS- I'm nearly done with the shawl. I've got 8 more rows to go and then I'll post the pictures and the specs.

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