Thursday, April 16

I feel productive...

Those who really know me, know that I can't go too awfully long without two sticks and string in my hands. For me my knitting has become as vital as breathing in my life. It calms me. It releases the creative energy that gets pint up inside when I spend days listening to the silly theme songs on kids shows. God created in me this insatiable desire to create. I enjoy learning all things crafting, cooking, home decore and improvement. I guess that's why I so easily became a personal publishing consultant with Heritage Makers. All this to say that I've finished some scarves that I have been working on the last two months.

They are just some basic recipe things, but I've enjoyed the automatic intuitiveness of them with all this craziness here.

This one is made with my first yarns that I spun on my spinning wheel. The tan in alpaca and the teal blend is sheep wool.

This one is some free yarn that I received as a gift with an order that I placed. It's a rayon blend and there was enough yarn to make a very long skinny scarf.

This is a scarf made with a skein of mohair and some of the leftover alpaca that I spun. when I was knitting it the mohair was a variegated green and the tan alpaca. I must say it looked like a set of army fatigues puked up in my lap. So, when I got done I dyed it with some food coloring and kool-aid to achieve this really pretty color.
Not the best pictures, but it's what I could do on my own this morning when everyone was back to cleaning.

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  1. Those scarves are awesome! You should look into knitting as a business. Especially if you spin also. We do cloth diapers and my boys wear wool pants (longies... as they're called) or shorts (shorties) pretty much 24/7. You can find lots of free patterns for longies or shorties online. I wish I could knit!