Thursday, April 2

I Am Blessed!

On Sunday, we had much to celebrate. We had my parents come down from AL. and we celebrated the birth of Shiloh by blessing her at church. Then we celebrated Randall's birthday. Shiloh is the second one we've had that we were able to bless that close to Randall's birthday. When Ashton was born we had our entire family there to share our joy. Sadly, though we were missing part of them this time, but they'll be here soon for a visit.

This year, as every year, for Randall's birthday, he got to choose what was for supper and dessert. He of course asked for pizza and Boston creme cake. The cake was "yum-o" and I'll definitely be making it again! Randall is ecstatic!

I'm feeling truly blessed now. I have beautiful kids who are the loves of my life and make me constantly happy. And to top it off, I have the most wonderful man as a husband. One of my closest friends reminds me of it every time she tells her daughter that she needs to find a Randall for the both of them. I. AM. BLESSED.

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  1. What a beautiful post! So glad things worked out so well! :-) And happy belated birthday to Randall! :-)