Tuesday, April 14

Happy Birthday Jenna!

Jenna is 4 years old today. How time has just slipped away. I remember very well the day she was born and I can't believe that she's not the baby that I'm changing diapers for now. My disbelief is probably accentuated by the fact that all three of my children look so similar when their babies.

So, today is Jenna's day. She wanted her whole party to be Spider-Man themed. At first she wanted it to be all Green Goblin (Spider-Man nemesis), but then decided that he was evil and always lost so she had to have Spider-Man since he was good and always won...For her presents she asked for a Kong-Fu Panda game, a bike, roller skates, and a rubber rat. Do you know how hard it is to find a rubber rat at Easter time? It took me weeks, but I found one at the Dollar Tree in town. She got 4 (count them 1 - 2- 3- 4) Barbies today. Which she surprisingly adores each one and immediately wanted to open them when we got home. She'll probably sleep with the necklace on that came with one of them. Maybe I'm raising a girl after all! So, I forgot to take pictures at the party, but I have a firend who did. (Thanks Becky!) But, until I get those you'll have to settle for a picture or two of the cake after we finished decorating it last night.

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