Thursday, March 29

Bubble Painting

This week Ashton is at a 4-H robotics camp and so, I've had some time with just me and the girls.  It's funny how the whole household dynamic changes when one kids is go for endless hours each day.

Today, in our "trying to not be bored by mom" time (lol!) the girls decided they wanted to paint.  But, they used up all their paints the last time they were in the throws of a creative binge.  So, I found this post about how to make your own watercolor paints, and since my kids blow through the watercolors, I pinned it!  So, I went back and looked it up and told Jenna all about it and she was totally on board with making her own paints.  That is until I told her it had to dry over night.  "But, MOM!  I really kinda wanted to paint right now..." she says.  Humph.  What's a mama to do?  I did what any Pinterest addicted woman would and searched for another idea that we could put together in a jiffy.  I found a pin about bubble painting...still using paint though.  But then I got this idea that I had a ton of food colors and we could use those in place of paint.  And as it turns out, they LOVED it!  And I have the pictures to prove it!

And of course I didn't have any plastic/paper cup or bowls to use of this messy fun time, so we improvised.  I cut the bottoms off of several empty water bottles we had laying around to use as "paint" containers.  I saved the tops too because I'm just that frugile.  We then made snake bubbles with some and the rest are slated for a food saver idea.


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