Thursday, October 28

Under My Umbrella...

...I have cupcake! Okay. Ever since I did a beach themed birthday party at church of one of my girls, I have been meaning to post about this super cute and fun cupcake decor.

Here's what they looked like on the cupcakes:

So, here we go!

You need:

2" circle paper punch
Cardstock or scrapbook paper
White Glue
Glue gun and glue sticks

First thing...plug in your glue gun. This will make your life easier. Then punch out several circles. Then cut each circle on the radius (1/2 way across the circle). Next add a little white glue to the edge of cut and merge the two sides together to make the umbrella tops. Allow to dry. Then add a dab of hot glue to the under side and attach toothpick. Let cool and your ready to have fabulous cupcakes.

Now, you should know that you can use these for so many things. I used the same technique and bamboo skewers to make jumbo umbrellas for a center piece. But, you could use stir sticks instead of the toothpicks and you've got instant fabulousness for drinks, too!

I love taking simple things and making them into something special...

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  1. Very nice and simple. But that's always the best isn't it?