Friday, May 22

I'm getting really excited! This week I feel like I've actually accomplished things! On Wed. it took me all of about 15 minutes to make up the scripture totes that we'll be doing with the Young Women next week. And I think that it would be even faster for us then because we'll be able to make it into an assembly line. I used the instructions I found here. Making them from place mats really makes it real easy! Here's a picture of the examples I made:

Also, in an effort to get rid of my baby blues, I've started a lace shawl. Now, I'll be posting pictures of it real soon, too! I'm hoping to be completely finished with it in another week, two at the most. Then I think we'll do a drawing for it....

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  1. Those scripture totes turned out really cute! When you said placemat, I wasn't too sure. But now that I've seen the finished product...WOW!