Sunday, May 31

If you want to feel good...

...see your hairdresser. On Friday I went in to get a new do. The girl next to Mandy (my hairdresser) kept looking at my hair and saying it looks so silky. And Mandy said, "Yep, her hair has always been that way and it feels that way, too." Then the other girl feels my hair and says, "OOhhh! That does feel silky!" Huh. I didn't know that! Really, I just have always thought of my hair as less than fabulous because it's terribly fine and difficult to style for me. So, for years I sat around thinking of my hair as ho hum and blah and I really should have been thinking of it as silk.

This is my hair before.

This is my hair now! I love it! I think Randall was so shocked when he first saw it that all he could say was, "Well, at least you didn't go as short as I thought you were." I had teased him that I was going to cut it as short as Alissa Milano's shortest do. (About 1") He was appalled that I would even think of it. Most people are so attatched to their hair that the idea of having it short makes them sick, but to me, it's just hair. It won't change your character if you cut of a few locks. So, what do you think?


  1. That is totally cute! :-) It really frames your face nicely!!! :-)

  2. Okay, so I absolutely love your new hairstyle. It's so fun and summery, you have definitely talked me into getting my own cut.