Tuesday, September 8

Mischeif managed.

Oi! Wednesday was a ton of work, but in the end, the girls loved it and so did the parents. We had an appreciation dinner. It was cute and fun. Here's some pictures of the decor. For the center pieces, we made delicate paper flowers from tissue paper. We put them in vases and then surrounded them with seashells the kids collected. Judy, my councilor, helped us get bibs for everyone at Red Lobster. For the "chargers" we cut 12" pieces of wrapping paper.

Since the theme was appreciation, we didn't give anyone utensils to get their spaghetti dinner with; so that they would appreciate the fork when they ate their dessert. Then we commented on how we appreciated the tines of our forks as much as we appreciate those around us and all their talents. When we gave them the forks we also gave the parents poems about appreciating our moms and dads. We also gave the dads a Mr. Goodbar and for the moms we made rosette corsages from ribbon. Then, to top the night of as a YW presidency we wrote letters of appreciation to each of the girls and gave those to them. The girls loved it. The parents loved it. And we're all one more step closer to accomplishing our Personal Progress goals. (This event passed off Individual Worth #3)

Speaking of Personal Progress....I started a queen sized afgan for my bed. It's going to be my Divine Nature Value Project. And I'm using it as my 1000 yd Stashbuster challenge. Here's my starting picture.

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  1. very nice, Meg. The flowers look great and I think that that quilt will finally put a dent in your yarn stash. lol!